Friends and family are the ‘real’ travel influencers

Today’s travelers prioritize recommendations from their close friends and family members, according to SnapChat

May 26, 2023

While personalized ads across websites, social networks, and streaming TV platforms are becoming more and more relevant, people continue to make decisions based on travel recommendations from close friends and family.

Key takeaways

  • Family and friends have a bigger influence on travel decisions than traditional advertising, TV and radio, and print media, according to research conducted by WTM London;
  • The only source of inspiration with a bigger impact than friends and family is social media. But on many social media platforms, the transactional nature of influencer culture leaves travelers questioning the authenticity of a recommendation;
  • Snapchat combines the influences of social media and friends and family by structuring itself as a “best friends network” where people come to catch up with their real-life communities.

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