Gamification in the hospitality industry

With the rise in popularity of the gaming industry, more hospitality businesses have found that incorporating gamification in their operations appeals to a younger generation of customers

Feb 7, 2024

Gamification is the use of games' psychological appeal to encourage and engage people. Businesses may create more immersive and entertaining experiences for their consumers by introducing features such as competition, incentives, challenges and feedback into non-gaming circumstances. Gamification in the hotel sector goes beyond typical loyalty programs and awards by utilizing game concepts to improve customer engagement and satisfaction.

Key takeaways

  • The most significant benefit for service-based businesses (like those in the hospitality industry) is that they build customer loyalty. By gamifying a core component of your business, you incentivize your customers to stick with your company to possibly ‘win’ the game;
  • Some of the best examples of this are found in hotel and airline loyalty programs. Both use gamification to encourage their clients' competitive spirit and make their brand more memorable overall;
  • Some hotels like The Great Escape Lakeside in Florida are using gamification creatively, by transforming their space into exciting places for visitors to go on adventures. An interactive tablet is given to each guest upon check-in, signaling the start of a journey with a narrative that unfolds throughout the hotel.

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