Gemini, Google Travel, and the challenge posed to OTAs

Google plans to transition to generative AI responses for a growing portion of search results, attempting to answer the question or search request in full

Mar 18, 2024

With Gemini, Google’s latest generative AI release, they are finally competing in quality with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Combined with Google Travel, there might be a nice opening for Google to test new search result formats without forgoing revenue, overcoming the dilemma.

Key takeaways

  • For top-of-funnel discovery searches, changes might be arriving soon. Most travel writers recycle old content, but Google Gemini LLM responses, incorporating the top 1% of articles, will replace them with unique and valuable content;
  • As transactions near, traffic becomes more valuable for Google. Google Travel integrates Gemini with Maps, Flights, and Hotels. Gemini searches flow through Google Travel, directing users to booking pages on OTAs, hotels, and airlines;
  • Gemini deepens Travel and Maps with its advanced search, complemented by Google Travel's focus on flights, hotels, and activities, reinforcing each other's capabilities.

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