Google and Tripadvisor in partnership talks

New Tripadvisor CEO, Matt Goldberg, said his company is having “really good conversations” with Google about a potential partnership

Jun 22, 2023

Tripadvisor is currently attempting a turnaround under a new CEO hired in 2022, and one of the reasons it needs one is Google had used its market power to divert users to sponsored ads and take back the free traffic Tripadvisor benefited from.

Key takeaways

  • Starting 2006, Google used Tripadvisor’s user reviews on without Tripadvisor’s permission. Google ended the practice and today has its own trove of user-written reviews;
  • Over the years, Tripadvisor has been one of the most aggressive voices in the travel industry calling on regulators to level the playing field regarding Google’s business practices as they impact competitors;
  • Now Google is making a big push in offering “things to do,” and Tripadvisor/Viator is likely the largest player in the world, so there are potential areas for a deeper relationship.

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