Google: Bard is not search

Google wants to be clear: Bard is separate from Search. Yet it has become synonymous with generative AI features coming soon to Search

Mar 7, 2023

Following a rushed introduction of Bard, there has been confusion within the search industry. Google is to blame for much of that confusion for the way it introduced Bard at the same time as it teased “AI-powered features” coming soon to search.

Key takeaways

  • Bard and ChatGPT are large language models, not knowledge models. They are great at generating human-sounding text, they are not good at ensuring their text is fact-based;
  • Google can’t stop users from trying to use Bard like search, so the company is still catering to people who want to use it for search, indicating that the company has built a new feature for internal use called “Search It.”

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