Google launches new approach to marketing mix modeling

Marketing or media mix modeling takes a mathematical approach to measuring true impact

Mar 21, 2024

Google’s looking to help marketers make better use of marketing mix modeling (MMM) in order to more accurately measure the impact of their expanded marketing efforts across multiple channels.

Key takeaways

  • With more marketers seeking better tracking alternatives, Google’s launched a new “Meridian” open source MMM, which, according to Google "empowers teams to build best-in-class MMMs and drive better business outcomes;"
  • Through Meridian, Google will provide access to various data points, including YouTube reach and frequency, and indexed Google query-volume data, while it will also provide educational resources and technical FAQs for troubleshooting;
  • It provides more options for measuring campaign performance, based on more complex methodology that factors in a broader range of marketing data points.

Get the full story at Google and get access to Google’s Meridian MMM

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