Google to become more "visual, snackable, personal, and human"

The company is making significant changes to its search engine to enhance the user experience

May 8, 2023

Users can expect more visuals and videos in their search results, shorter and more precise answers, personalized results, and human-like interactions.

Key takeaways

  • With the introduction of its new MUM technology, users can expect to receive more comprehensive and accurate search results, even for complex and ambiguous queries;
  • Users can expect to see more images and videos in their search results, making it easier to find what they are looking for quickly;
  • A new feature called "search chips," allows users to refine their search results by selecting specific attributes such as color, size, and style;
  • Google is also focusing on providing users with more personalized search results, providing users with search results based on their browsing history, location, and other personal information;
  • Lastly, Google is making an effort to make its search engine more human-like, providing users with a more engaging and interactive conversations with the search engine, making it easier to find what they are looking for.

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