Google Travel’s new Instagram-like story feature for hotel search

The company has taken inspiration from the social media story format in a new tool to help travelers browse hotels

Apr 11, 2023

In a swipeable format somewhat similar to Instagram stories, mobile users can view hotel options with easy access to info like location, reviews, and price, save the hotel or go directly to the hotel website for booking.

Key takeaways

  • Alternately, users can select view details, and access booking paid and free booking links from a variety of online travel agency and hotel partners;
  • Users can access the carousel of stories by searching for hotels directly on the mobile version of, then tapping on the row of hotel photos;
  • Or, after making a hotel search through the regular mobile Google search engine, scroll and tap on the option to view all results; from there, tap on the row of hotel photos to view them in the story format.

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