Hilton. For the Stay

One year after launching the hospitality brand’s successful first‑ever global brand platform, CMO Mark Weinstein and VP Daniel Reynolds share the story behind The Stay

Oct 13, 2023

The hospitality landscape had become so crowded that Hilton's inspirational marketing campaigns were getting lost in a sea of similarity. As it was trying to think of an authentic way to get Hilton’s story across, the company realized it had been staring it right in the face all along: The Stay.

Key takeaways

The stay is the most important offering we can provide to consumers. We embraced the truth that a guest’s stay with us is more than just a transaction; it’s a profound experience that truly matters;

Our vision took form through cinematic commercials, shot by TV producers and film directors who knew how to bring the brand forward in a way that poked fun at convention and yet was thoughtfully produced.

Hilton built out social media storytelling, and went from not being on TikTok to being the number one travel brand on TikTok, creating a 10-minute TikTok on a platform known for its 28-second snippets;

Customers are now seeking Hilton directly, with search trends shifting from generic “hotel in New York City” to specific “Hilton hotels in New York City.” The brand's digital traffic has soared to record levels as consumers wholeheartedly embrace “For the Stay,” seeking editorial content and driving views to its website to historic highs, the company says.

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