Hilton's TikTok ad changed the social marketing game for good

How did the centenarian brand demand unbroken attention from some of the most distractible viewers on Earth?

May 16, 2023

In February, Hilton Hotels & Resorts released a 10-minute TikTok video that took viewers on a sprawling journey, spanning dozens of locations and multiple genres, featuring appearances from more than half a dozen beloved TikTok creators.

Key takeaways

  • Instead of opting for a faster and cheaper multi-platform approach - making a generic vertical video and publishing it everywhere - Hilton chose to create a video that was custom-made for the specific social channel where they wanted to make inroads;
  • From start to finish, Hilton’s spot demonstrates a deep understanding of TikTok trends and culture by making expert use of the unique features that made the app popular in the first place—things like stitches, duets and the constant jump cuts that are a holdover from the platform’s 15-second days;
  • All these technical details are backed up by an underlying tone that’s equally native to the TikTok generation - it’s fast-paced, self-referential, self-deprecating and subtly absurd.

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