Hopper terminates Booking.com partnership

Fearing another Expedia-like breakup, Hopper abruptly ended its hotel partnership with Booking Holdings a week ago

Oct 10, 2023

Hopper feared another blow to its reputation if a second major online travel agency, namely Booking.com, went public about a soured partnership so soon after Expedia Group did so in July, several travel industry sources and former employees said.

Key takeaways

  • Hopper was concerned how these hits on its brand reputation would impact business-to-business partnerships, such as with Capital One and other future distribution partnerships, as well as with existing airline partners, sources said;
  • Hopper announced a deal on September 27 that expanded its supply relationship with wholesalers Hotelbeds and WebBeds before Hopper disconnected Booking.com;
  • According to Skift, Hopper has now focusing on direct hotel relationships after two of the biggest online travel agencies in the world departed as partners.

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