Hospitality benchmarks for database health in 2024

Your hotel guest database isn’t going to tell you when it’s sick. But your marketing communications will show it

Mar 14, 2024

While you won’t be able to take the literal temperature of your database, but there are several indicators and industry benchmarks that can reveal the health of your database and whether it’s spiking a fever. Database health is important to the success of your hotel’s business. How you take care of your data impacts how you communicate to guests in the digital world and in-person.

Key takeaways

  • Improving the quality of your data and how it’s collected is the first step towards creating a reality where you have the right information exactly when you need it to make every guest interaction personal and meaningful;
  • Securing a guest’s name and email is essential, but first-party data has opened up even more opportunities to gather data from your guests - revealing their preferences, booking behavior, and other characteristics that help you build a relationship with them;
  • From booking to check-out, a database should automatically collect guest information, so that when a guest leaves, you’ve got accurate information to keep that relationship alive.

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