Hospitality CMOs address five key challenges

Brands are innovating with digital storytelling, enhancing the guest experience beyond traditional advertising and tapping into a rich narrative of travel enthusiasm

Mar 11, 2024

Last month in New York City, HSMAI brought Chief Marketing Officers together for an Executive Roundtable. Between managing growth challenges, rapid industry changes, and keeping up with evolving consumer behaviors – there’s no shortage of issues vying for a CMO’s attention.

Key takeaways

  • CMOs are often charged with scaling operations while maintaining quality, profitability, and operational efficiency;
  • Engaging a diverse workforce and bridging the motivational gap among different generations present ongoing hurdles;
  • Managing expectations and fostering satisfaction among franchisees and stakeholders demands a nuanced approach;
  • The goal to optimize revenue streams has become more complex with the blend of physical and digital customer journeys;
  • Concerns about maintaining brand performance, hospitality, and profitability are ubiquitous.

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