Hotel brands strive for emotional loyalty

Emotional loyalty, rather than repetitive transactional loyalty, is the goal for hotel brands, which can be achieved by offering quality experiential hospitality

Apr 24, 2024

How do we keep customers loyal today? It's by providing that life experience, that human experience. How do you do that? It's not about the hard part of the product, it's not about the facility. Anyone can make a good room, a good restaurant, a good bar... the human part of it is where you create loyalty.

Key takeaways

  • That means providing the hospitality and staff that make it easy for guests to create memories and experiences with the people around them;
  • To achieve this, he said, Club Med focuses on hiring people with "human skills" rather than necessarily full technical knowledge, "someone who has the ability to interact with guests beyond the tasks of their day-to-day job;
  • By focusing on experiential hospitality, brands have more touch points to differentiate themselves, allowing them to create a more lasting experience and memory that translates into loyalty.

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