Hotel buffets have returned and evolved

The pandemic-driven demise of the hotel buffet that was predicted by many has not come to pass

Mar 8, 2023

After about a year of buffets being eliminated or replaced by pre-wrapped food items and other substitutions, buffets began to creep back by mid-2021. And a year later, buffets were back in force with modifications - some involving safety, but mostly around evolving guest preferences.

Key takeaways

  • Buffets have been evolving since before the pandemic, but experts said the crisis served as an accelerant;
  • Where a property may once have relied solely on a traditional, self-service buffet, other alternatives are increasingly common, such as pre-plated options or having an attendant make a plate and bring it to a table or deliver it to a guest room;
  • The pandemic spurred hotels to experiment with how things might be done more efficiently.

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