Hotel leaders push for greater innovation

Hospitality industry must connect with Gen Z travelers or risk losing them long term to competitors such as Airbnb

Feb 16, 2024

After years of driving historic levels of efficiency to cope with a unique operating environment, hoteliers are now tasked with finding innovative ways to maintain that efficiency during what feels like a return to normal.

Key takeaways

  • The big challenge is to preserve those benefits while keeping hotels from "becoming dull and boring" by reinvigorating the hospitality and experiential aspects of our business back into hotels;
  • The connection with the upcoming generation, as well as with the vast group of travelers not aligned with any specific brand, is crucial. It's important to recognize the insights gleaned from digital competitors such as Airbnb, who have significantly expanded their reach within this particular demographic;
  • The key to reaching that goal might be balancing new technology with old-school hospitality. Use AI to become more connected, smarter but also not lose the human factor of hospitality.

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