Hotel marketing in catch-up mode

Hotels still lag other industries significantly in the resources allotted to marketing, according to a panel at HSMAI's 2023 Marketing Strategy Conference

Jul 13, 2023

Speaking during the "Executive Insights" session at HSMAI's 2023 Marketing Strategy Conference, Steven Gottlieb, executive vice president for commercial strategy at Graduate Hotels and Marine & Lawn Hotels & Resorts, said the industry simply doesn't have the cash at its disposal that many others do.

Key takeaways

  • The independent hotel sector is still largely caught up in running the day-to-day business that there's not a lot of that forward thinking that provides for these really innovative ideas;
  • Staffing in marketing is only now approaching the levels of early 2020, and the COVID-19 pandemic forced hoteliers to shift what marketing power they had left behind to local campaigns to "get heads in beds;"
  • The challenge of innovating with relatively limited resources is finding ways to get the marketing team to shift into more of a brainstorming mode and away from day-to-day challenges.

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