Hotel revenue managers' reliance on automation increases

“Old-school philosophy” still leads to uncertainties creeping in whenever the automation system doesn’t yield optimal results

Jul 11, 2023

The evolution of the commercial strategy space since the start of the pandemic has led to more collaboration and greater adoption of automation, including artificial and business intelligence. But as automation use grows, there’s a hesitancy to fully embrace it among system managers due to a lack of understanding and control.

Key takeaways

  • Hoteliers need to be better educated on how the systems work so there can be an understanding of what they are doing;
  • There’s been a push to explain what isn’t working with the system instead of disregarding it all together;
  • Part of the hesitancy to fully lean in comes from an accountability standpoint: Hotel owners and general managers looking for answers on a poor night won’t be questioning the system; they’ll be asking the person in charge of running the system what went wrong.

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