Hotelmarketing'com is now

With a new year comes a new publication name, an expanded editorial focus, and an all new reading experience

Jan 9, 2023

As consumers are changing the face of hospitality - from online shopping to personalized guest journeys and digitalized guest experiences - provides you with a daily mix of hand-curated news to stay on top of trending topics.

What's new

  • While 'Travel' and 'Marketing' remain key content categories, we will set a stronger focus on 'Hospitality' in the future, more specifically the digital transformation of the hospitality industry;
  • We now summarize our curated articles with the top key takeaways, so you can decide if you would like to dig deeper and read the full article;
  • As we go along, our new 'Topics' section will allow you to easily find past articles by topic, search our content with your own keywords, and find the most popular content among our readers.

Everything else stays the same.

Except, there is no Weekly Brief anymore - we publish just too much content to make for a digestible weekly newsletter. Sorry!

Hope you like what you see, give us some time to warm up with the new format, and continue to stick around with us!

Thank you for reading

Best, Markus Busch

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