Hotels having fun with robots

While the focus should be first on the basics, like getting on the cloud and ditching cable TV, having a robot is good for marketing

Jun 30, 2023

This week at the HITEC conference in Toronto, there are approximately 350 exhibitors presenting hospitality tech products. While property management systems and new door locks are essential for business, it's not these displays that are attracting the crowds. The real center of attention, unsurprisingly, lies with the robots and holograms.

Key takeaways

  • Robotis new robot called Gaemi, complete with an AI-enabled arm for pressing elevator buttons and knocking on doors, was demonstrating its ability to find its way through a hotel to deliver wine directly to a guest’s room;
  • Netherlands-based Holoconnects is promoting Holobox, a box lined with LED lights and concealed Bose speakers, as a way for front-desk staff to serve several hotels from one remote location;
  • Piaggio Fast Forward is selling Gita, a robotic storage container that can follow its owner at a speed of up to six miles per hour.

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