Hotels hiding nonrefundable fees

More and more often, hotels are offering more nonrefundable rooms, and customers are falling for them without even noticing

Jun 8, 2023

Nonrefundable room rates used to be a rarity, reserved for special events or five-star resorts at the peak of high season. But after the pandemic, the hotel industry started to tighten the refund rules.

Key takeaways

  • Experts say a seller’s market for hotel rooms, spurred by strong consumer demand and a need to make up for several lean pandemic years, pushed hotels to increase the number of nonrefundable rooms;
  • Hotel revenue managers have looked on with envy as the airline industry created highly profitable “basic” economy-class fares that were nonrefundable and couldn’t be changed;
  • Making matters worse, online travel sites sometimes bury the terms and conditions of a nonrefundable hotel room three or four clicks into a reservation.

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