How design is shaping travel experiences

From the challenges and restrictions of the pandemic to the shift toward sustainable travel, today's travelers have more control and awareness than ever before

May 28, 2024

In the evolving travel marketplace, brand equity - the value of a brand in the eyes of consumers - and design have a significant impact. Factors such as reputation, trustworthiness and quality of experience/customer centricity have become even more critical when choosing a travel partner.

Key takeaways

  • As a design-driven company, Airbnb noticed that hosts were offering excursions or city tours as an added benefit. Recognizing this trend, Airbnb developed a dedicated product and service that has become very popular and profitable;
  • In contrast, Expedia missed this opportunity. As a non-design-driven company, Expedia failed to stay attuned to its customers and users in the same way that Airbnb did. As a result, they missed the signals and are now trying to catch up to Airbnb;
  • In addition, social media influencers are having a significant impact on travel. Instagram influencers with millions of followers now recommend entire travel itineraries, shaping travel trends and preferences.

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