How the CRS is becoming the central hub for hotel distribution

More hotel companies are transitioning to a CRS-centric strategy to leverage the advantages of integration, consolidation, and automation

Aug 30, 2023

Unlike the PMS, the CRS was purpose-built for managing distribution, providing hotels with greater flexibility, reach, connectivity, and control over reservations and revenue across the distribution network.

Key takeaways

  • The CRS centralizes and automates the process of setting and driving the hotel’s rate strategy across booking channels, ensuring that rates and availability are always consistent and up to date throughout the distribution network;
  • When managing rates and inventory from the CRS, hotels have more flexibility to set pricing and controls by distribution channel. They can prioritize channels that offer lower commissions and fees and create special promotions and packages that are only available on the hotel website;
  • According to a 2022 h2C study, hotel chains distribute inventory on 18 third-party distribution channels on average, including 26 channels for large chains, 23 for medium chains, and 12 for small chains. However, an average of almost 20 percent of these channels are not connected to the CRS.

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