How to adapt to the digitization of hospitality

Digitization is transforming the hospitality industry and impacting customer behavior, necessitating new marketing strategies for hoteliers

Feb 28, 2023

In the aftermath of COVID-19, technology and customer behavior are changing rapidly. To ensure hotels and the hospitality industry continue to thrive, we must understand how to adapt marketing strategies to be successful hoteliers amidst a dynamic customer journey.

This article looks at how the digitization of hospitality has impacted customer behavior and strategies for keeping up with these changes.

Key takeaways

  • Consumers have increasingly high digital expectations, and hoteliers must step up to the plate to meet - and exceed - them;
  • Connecting with your audience online is the first step. However, it’s also critical to use the opportunity to enhance the overall guest experience with your brand;
  • Creating content and experiences around discoverability will help your hotel capture that customer that may not know you; they know you are going to your area for a reason.

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