How to build an effective hotel advertising campaign

Expedia looks at what you need to consider as you plan your campaign and the different approaches available to help you generate demand for your rooms

Mar 11, 2024

The unique characteristics of your property warrant a tailored approach to your digital advertising campaigns. For the best results, it’s important to understand current travel trends for hotels, what strategies and advertising solutions will meet your unique needs, the various channels you can use, and how your campaign can support your goal of attracting more travelers.

Key takeaways

  • Before formalizing your campaign strategy, it’s essential to understand the current hospitality industry landscape and any emerging trends. Like any business, the hotel industry isn’t static and is always shifting and evolving;
  • Identify if you’re looking to increase weekday stays or increase room nights with business travelers or if you want to target family and friends searching for extended hotel getaways. You could even help increase your length of stay by focusing on bleisure travel and target guests mixing business and leisure;
  • As you consider which channels you want to use to activate your campaign, determine the weight you’ll give each channel. For example, do you want to start with hotel display ads that appear in search results and couple them with native ads targeted to specific travelers?

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