How to optimize for Marriott SEO

As Marriott updates their systems and websites, staying informed, creating an SEO strategy, and implementing best practices for your hotel is crucial.

May 23, 2024

Marriott changed their URL structure in 2022. This change is important to know because you will want to audit all of your listing URLs and backlinks to ensure that all online platforms and listings have the new URL.

Key takeaways

  • Even when done correctly, changing your URL structure causes Google to have to re-index your website and can take time. Making sure your hotel website is indexing all pages of value that are important for your organic search rankings.
  • With a new URL, that also means you need to update all of your backlinks by implementing a backlink outreach strategy with the updated URL to ensure you are capturing the value.
  • Another very important change that recently happened is Marriott just sunsetted the EPIC system where some of the SEO updates used to be made and introduced Product Catalog.

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