How travel brands are finding a voice on TikTok

Hannah Bennett, industry lead of global business solutions at TikTok, talks about the latest trends as they relate to travel

Jun 29, 2023

Travel brands have been encouraged to try TikTok in recent years as a means to engage with younger generations and get a feel for what resonates with them. But as with every medium, TikTok is evolving. Short form videos can now be 10 minutes long, many often dubbed "corporate" travel brands are establishing a presence and the transactional layer is developing.

Key takeaways

  • Google is incorporating TikTok into its Perspectives filter, perhaps a nod to the trend of using the social media platform for search;
  • A look on moves from Douyin, Bytedance’s TikTok equivalent in China, on bridging content with transactions via calendar-based hotel search, and whether similar developments might be on the cards in the west;
  • Advice for travel brands on how to start engaging with the TikTok audience and finding their voice and tone on the platform.

Watch the video at Phocuswire

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