How travel brands can activate first-party data

Travel needs to learned to use first-party data in sophisticated ways to create a personalized, seamless customer experience

Jan 30, 2023

Unlike retail or e-commerce, travel inventory is perishable - and that adds a whole new layer of complexity. A retailer knows which items are on the shelves, buying trends and when to put an item on sale to sell old stock. In travel, there’s no such thing as old inventory.

Key takeaways

  • Due to the complex path to purchase, marketing strategies shouldn’t be based on static segmentation and demographic data;
  • Instead, marketers must leverage travel intent and behavioral data to find travelers, build audiences and develop personalized campaigns to incentivize travelers to engage;
  • First-party data drives personalization and it also allows marketers to draw from the guest experience across all touch points on the buyer journey.

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