How U.S. hotels are failing their customers

Impersonal hotel chains, terrible service and too much smart tech – US hotels are letting their customers down

Dec 13, 2023

Between minimalist service (kiosk check-in is cool), blaring music in public spaces (ambience!), an eye-rolling amount of “smart tech” (so edgy), and could-be-anywhere interiors (everyone will feel at home), American hotels – even those billed as “luxury” – can feel like an overnight in a trendy fast fashion shop, where hype is the focus, not quality.

Key takeaways

  • Much of this problem is rooted in the fact that America is dominated by publicly held chain hotels, such as Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, and their many offspring. Yet, unbeknownst to many customers, most of these hotels are owned by a private entity and not by the brand that will appear on your credit card bill;
  • With profits being split between shareholders and owners, it’s fairly obvious that the priority is scaling the business, and more often than not, that attractive-looking hotel online will deliver a status quo encounter that won’t include breakfast or the thoughtful details that make for a meaningful experience;
  • Essentially, guests sign on for what appears to be an upscale experience and feel cheated when they discover a cookie-cutter property without the perks or bien sur hospitality of a five-star hotel.

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