How your TripAdvisor ranking is calculated

Tripadvisor has adapted over the years, introducing new ways of ranking and sorting properties to improve the guest's experience when searching for hotels

Jan 24, 2024

With various algorithm updates, Tripadvisor has fine-tuned the weighting of various factors such as location, booking popularity, pricing, availability, bubble ratings, and the Popularity Index (more on this later) when determining properties’ scoring and ranking.

Key takeaways

  • The ranking of each property is heavily influenced by the Tripadvisor Popularity Index, a carefully crafted algorithm that aims to predict, based on scores and consistency of past reviews, what level of experience a property is likely to provide to a guest;
  • The default sorting option is what Tripadvisor calls “Best Value”. This ranking algorithm collates a multitude of data points available to Tripadvisor including review ratings, pricing, availability, and the specific user’s preferences and recent activity on the site;
  • To improve your overall rating and ranking you need to look at improving all three of the popularity index factors: quality of reviews, the quantity of your reviews, their recency and their consistency.

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