HSMAI on the complexities of hotel distribution

From technological advances to sustainability demands, industry leaders grapple with a changing landscape of distribution

Sep 22, 2023

HSMAI recently organized a Distribution Executive Roundtable in Toronto, where participants delved into critical concerns and explored strategies to tackle them.

Key takeaways

  • Embracing Digital Transformation: The surge in digital tools offers potential efficiencies, but it necessitates adaptability. Many participants emphasized the importance of not just system updates but also staff retraining and a fundamental shift in traditional practices to seamlessly integrate new technology.
  • Sustainability as a Consumer Imperative: Sustainability has transcended buzzword status; it has become a vital consumer demand. The proliferation of eco-friendly practices and the prominence of sustainability certifications underscore this significant shift in consumer preferences.
  • Nurturing Vendor Relationships: Establishing and maintaining effective vendor relationships is pivotal in the distribution landscape. Companies grapple with the challenge of finding trustworthy third-party resources, all while ensuring transparent and collaborative communication with these partners.

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