Hyper personalized branding through the use of AI

One of the biggest takeaways from HSMAI's Curate 2023 was the use of generative AI to speed, scale, and simplify creating and delivering personalized, targeted content

Dec 1, 2023

Ben Heller, Google, kicked off HSMAI’s 2023 Curate Executive Insights Forum with a session focused on demystifying AI. Ben started off by walking participants through how the current explosion of generative AI fits within the history of AI and machine learning.

Key takeaways

  • In his discussion of content creation, it was clear that gen AI wouldn’t replace human creativity but augment it and eliminate some of the drudgery of tasks. He also shared how AI can improve organizational knowledge management;
  • Terrel Jones, founding Chairman of Kayak.com, shared that there is an AI for every industry and in every department in your company. That's why getting your data foundations right is key, as is upskilling yourself and your team;
  • While Sales and Marketing will be at the forefront, make sure you are partnering with legal early on, Erin Snodgrass, Of Counsel at Foster Garvey, a specialist in travel industry privacy and data security compliance issues said.

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