Influencers vs advertisers - why travel marketing is transforming

Forget the glossy brochures with their stock images of paradise - today’s travelers want a glimpse of the real deal to inspire their next trip

Jun 6, 2023

Social media is the next best source of travel inspiration (35%), already overtaking traditional channels including travel agents (29%), travel media publications (26%) and TV and film entertainment (25%).

Key takeaways

  • Roughly 90% of Gen Z adults spend at least one hour on social media platforms every day, and close to half spend more than three - far more than older generations;
  • UGC, unlike traditional marketing campaigns, can portray the lesser-known areas and hidden gems of any destination through a perspective that resonates with viewers – one that enables them to envision what visiting these places would really feel like;
  • For travel marketers to expand their customer base – particularly into younger demographics – they should consider fostering UGC on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, the latter of which has become the most used platform among Gen Z.

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