Instagram as we know it is dead

We're in the next evolution of Instagram, where static photos are out, and Reels and Stories are in

Feb 2, 2023

It only takes a few scrolls on Instagram to see the platform as we know it is dead. Photos are out, Reels are in. Chronological feeds are out, algorithm-selected feeds are in. But, Instagram has a massive user base, and it's still growing.

Key takeaways

  • Instagram is the sweet spot for Millennials. It's not as mature as Facebook - but not as trendy as BeReal or TikTok;
  • Across the board, brands, influencers, and every day users report low engagement on Instagram - proving what used to work on Instagram is definitely dead;
  • Yet, Instagram is thriving in the influencer marketing space, as the most-used platform for influencer marketing in the U.S. last year, and more marketers planning to use it for their campaigns in 2023.

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