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Four data points that matter: Right customer, right price, right channel, right time

Feb 10, 2023

Hotels operate in a demanding, high-velocity market, where the product, price and channel where your customers are shopping changes continuously. That makes marketing your rooms extremely complicated at the best of times.

But when you have less resource than ever before and more digital channels to contend with, it’s easy to see how building an effective, efficient marketing strategy has become such a universal challenge.

The good news - there are really only four kinds of data that a hotelier needs to worry about when it comes to their digital marketing strategy:

  • Pricing data: You need to know whether you’re competitively positioned so you can bid accordingly in traffic acquisition channels;
  • Guest data: You need a deep understanding of who your best customers are and how to target them;
  • Market opportunity data: You need to know when and where the best customers can be found;
  • Performance data: You need sophisticated website and conversion tracking to test, learn and optimize your marketing strategy.

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