Latin America’s superapp Rappi sticks to its bet on travel

While some superapps in Asia such as Grab and Gojek have pulled back from travel, Latin America’s Rappi remains committed to the travel vertical

Jul 4, 2023

Rappi Travel has signed two key partnerships – Amadeus and Marriott – that will go a long way towards it building out a travel ecosystem to support Rappi Prime, the superapp’s membership programme, which has four million members.

Key takeaways

  • The company's goal is to encourage consumers of burgers, sushi and groceries to become Rappi travelers with amazing conversion results, especially big value customers;
  • The key to that is data, which can be used to connect supply partners with the right audience. For example, a yoga hotel can target users that buy almond milk in Rappi;
  • To optimize its offerings, Rappi is working with Amadeus to better leverage its data to create relevant products and expand connectivity with partners, such as airlines, hotel chains, bedbanks and other travel sellers.

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