Marketing hotels to locals to bridge post-holiday gap

Shoulder-season programming targeting local guests is an effective way to drive local demand as long as it is executed and marketed appropriately

Jan 11, 2024

While the holiday season boosts the hospitality industry, the surge diminishes after the holidays, leading to lower demand in the winter months. Proactive hoteliers who actively seek local demand for stays and dining have an advantage during this slower period.

Key takeaways

  • Innovative strategies like pop-up shops and creative collaborations generate excitement, interest, and draw locals to experience a hotel;
  • Create special promotions and packages with targeted add-ons for local guests, collaborating with businesses like chefs, mixologists, artists, or athletes to offer unique experiences;
  • Utilize technology like phone Bluetooth to gather customer data, enabling location tracking for personalized messages when they are in proximity to your business.

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