Moxy Hotels and Sanctuary team up for astrological travel

The hotel group teamed up with Sanctuary, a community of astrology readers, to give travelers the opportunity to take trips that are literally written in the stars

Feb 12, 2024

The partnership will feature Cosmic Curations, astro-adventure guides, harnessing the power of astrocartography to bring consumers free personalized travel recommendations including when to travel, where to travel and even who to travel with based on their birth signs.

Key takeaways

  • Through astro-adventure guides, personalized travel recommendations and unique guest experiences at Moxy Hotels around the globe, travelers will now have the opportunity to align their wanderlust to the stars like never before;
  • Utilizing the power of astrocartography, the Sanctuary app will now feature free personalized travel date, location and companion recommendations specifically tailored to global Moxy destinations;
  • Sanctuary social channels and will also feature ongoing astrology-based insights, travel-inspired horoscopes and interactive content, allowing the cosmically-inclined to craft their best travel year yet, no matter when they pack their bags.

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