New Mews Kiosk cuts check-in time by a third

Guests can check-in early, purchase upsells and cut their own room key using the intuitive, streamlined kiosk

Nov 29, 2023

Mews has unveiled its next-generation kiosk solution for hotels. The Kiosk can be used for check-in and check-out, by guests or by staff.

Key takeaways

  • The new Kiosk has been optimized for speed, both in terms of its build and functionality, and enables hotels to upsell products and services during the check-in process;
  • Guests can search for their reservation using their last name only using Mews Kiosk, and easily cut their own room keys by following the clear on-screen guidance;
  • Hotels will also benefit from a more cohesive branding and opportunities to boost revenue. For instance, properties can curate their Kiosk imagery, making a more engaging guest experience;
  • When combined with Mews Terminals, a fully automated, integrated card reader, hotels remove the manual processing of card payments, reducing human error and duplicate billing.

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