Online check-ins and revenue beyond hotel rooms soar

Nearly 20% of guests checked in online, and one in five hotels diversified revenue by monetizing spaces beyond hotel rooms, according to new Mews data

Jan 25, 2024

Based on data from more than 4,000 Mews partners in 85 countries, the Mews Data Dive unpacks hospitality's performance across 12 key areas - including occupancy, domestic travel, online check-in and upsells, direct bookings, booking lead times, rate types, ADR and RevPAR, and additional bookable services - to pinpoint how the hospitality sector is changing.

Key takeaways

  • With rising inflation across the world, it's not surprising that the average daily rate has risen, but it didn't deter reservations in 2023;
  • Hoteliers are becoming more creative with the amenities and spaces they offer their guests and in the last year alone, we've seen a significant increase in properties selling additional bookable services;
  • While parking spots and meeting rooms have played a huge role in this, 2024 will be the year that more hoteliers revolutionize revenue management, capitalizing on all available assets and offering additional spaces, from co-working desks to karaoke booths, providing remarkable guest experiences across the board.

Download the full report at Mews

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