Priceline launches AI-powered booking chatbot

The online travel agency built an AI that recommends, filters, and even books your dream summer trip

Jun 29, 2023

While other online travel agencies, such as Expedia, have used ChatGPT plug-ins to add chatbot assistance to their sites, Priceline’s Penny is the first one that will allow users to book, change, or cancel travel plans directly from the prompt box during the itinerary-creation and checkout process.

Key takeaways

  • The company began training its travel assistant in March with OpenAI’s large language model, so that the chatbot can answer questions about nearly any neighborhood, city, or region;
  • Priceline also limited hallucinations by using prompt engineering to focus the model on the site’s own data. “We have 25 years of ​​data that ChatGPT doesn’t have;
  • Right now, Penny only works for accommodations - and only appears when you are in the selection and checkout phase of the process. But Priceline says it has plans to roll the chatbot out throughout the site.

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