Prioritize opportunities when implementing attribute based room pricing

As all aspects of properties are being considered when defining “success”, how can we best optimize revenue and experience?

May 1, 2023

Hotels are constantly seeking ways to enhance the booking experience for their guests, and one emerging trend is the use of Attribute-Based Pricing (ABP) to highlight property features and upsell ancillary services.

Key takeaways

  • Utilizing ABP for experience-based add-ons during the booking process, such as recreational activities, can enhance the guest’s stay and create memorable experiences;
  • Encouraging guests to match both their right room and relevant attributes to their needs will lead to increased conversions and guest satisfaction;
  • Finding the right balance between pricing and guest preferences is crucial in implementing ABP to avoid deterring potential bookings, and collaborative efforts between hotels, vendors, and technology providers are needed to drive advancements in ABP.

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