Revisiting Google’s Free Booking Links

Key findings from an analysis of metasearch performance for 1,000 hotels across Europe & Asia Pacific

Feb 3, 2023

In 2021, Google added Free Booking Links (FBL) as part of the Google Hotel Ads platform. When a hotel creates a Google Hotel Ads campaign and activates this feature, a free link to its website booking engine is displayed alongside paid ads in the metasearch module.

A new study by D-Edge shows why Free Booking Links are a game-changer for hotels.

Key takeaways

  • 34% of metasearch revenue came from Google’s Free Booking Links;
  • With Free Booking Links, distribution costs for Google Hotel Ads fell by almost 4 points;
  • 68% of bookings from Free Booking Links were made on mobile devices.

Get the full story at D-Edge

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