Sabre details future lodging distribution strategy

The company called lodging distribution a "significant focus and expected growth area" for the travel technology company

Dec 19, 2023

Chinmai Sharma, Sabre Travel Solutions' new global head of lodging, ground and sea, spoke with BTN about Sabre's plans for the segment and how technology is evolving with the distribution needs of both suppliers and travel agencies.

Key takeaways

  • Sabre is currently heavily concentrated in North America and corporate, and the company wants to expand that to leisure travel agencies, midsize and long-tail agencies as well as international;
  • A big focus within Sabre Hospitality is retailing and merchandizing, where the company is currently developing a product called Retail Studio, which helps hotels to do that;
  • Sustainability data is becoming a major factor in how the rates are being procured and the RFP process, because corporations are becoming more sensitive to approving suppliers who are eco-friendly.

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