Sales and catering teams are having a moment right now

Meetings are back, but not the way they were before. One major shift is that meeting planners aren’t just meeting planners

Feb 2, 2024

The new meeting planners are office admins, business owners, and team leads. They plan meetings ... they just don’t do it for a living. These non-professional planners have day jobs, and little to no event planning experience, so they are going to lean hard on your sales and catering team.

Key takeaways

  • The last thing your sales and catering team wants is an inexperienced planner with LOTS of opinions. When your team takes a back seat to inexperienced planners, that’s when friction occurs;
  • Non-professional planners are more willing to let your sales and catering team take the lead because they see your on-property team as the experts;
  • Non-professional planners on average have less of an opinion on the menu. Your sales team can send them a recommended menu of your lowest-cost, highest-margin dishes. Sure, the planner might make tweaks, but they’ll love that someone did the work for them.

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