Say goodbye to Google, hoteliers

How can you continue to grow your business regardless of what happens to Google, Bing or whatever’s next.

Mar 10, 2023

Google has taken online travel agencies’ place as the single most important sales-and-marketing channel for most hotels. Unfortunately, Google’s importance creates a level of dependence that hotel commercial teams and owners would do well to minimize.

Key takeaways

  • For many hotels, Google now represents 40%-50% of website traffic and as much as 70% of direct web revenues;
  • On the same time, Google faces many serious - potentially existential - risks to its business that are already sharply reshaping the search landscape;
  • But if you build direct relationships with your customers, if you engage with them on social and email and messaging, if you enlist them into a community in support of your brand and your values, you’ll be in a great position no matter what happens with Google.

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