Search marketing for travel in the age of AI

Marketers should take one thing for granted: Search marketing in Google should stay on top of the priority list for the foreseeable future

May 7, 2024

Google will not give up on its $175 billion ad revenue in search for 2023 without a fight. And even if its search domination starts slowly crumbling, the unbeatable crawling, indexing and keyword matching capabilities across the world wide web will remain a critical underlying data source for many potential AI search disruptors.

Key takeaways

  • Scrolling a list of blue links will become a thing of the past. The new challenge will be capturing a place among the referral links highlighted in the AI-powered answer;
  • The SEO cards might get reshuffled in this process. As recent Google SGE research uncovers, an average of 4.3 unique domains were featured in the SGE answers, but only 62% of the links originated from domains among the top 10 organic results for the same query;
  • A long-term winning strategy is focusing on providing search engines with optimized, structured data to better crawl and understand your content. This will help to boost visibility in AI answers in each relevant query.

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