Shiji ReviewPro launches The Hotelier’s Guide to

The guide provides insights into the importance of reputation and how to improve review scores, resulting in better visibility and increased bookings

Apr 19, 2023 has recently replaced its old review system of smiley faces and pre-set scores with a new scale for overall satisfaction ranging from 1-10. The old review system relied on 4 possible smiley scores to be awarded in 6 subscore categories which were then averaged out to represent the stay’s final satisfaction score.

The updated review system aims to eliminate anonymous reviews, which increases the trustworthiness factor and plans to make guests pinpoint reasons when they give extreme reviews, allowing hoteliers to address issues that are most pressing and important to their guests.

In the pipeline are also improvements that assign more weight to more recent reviews, so that hotels can have an accurate snapshot of the state of their service at present, as well as on-stay reviews that give hoteliers a chance for service recovery in a timely manner.

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