Shorter booking windows frustrate revenue management

One of the trickiest parts about the industry right now is that the business is showing up but no one’s booking in advance

Jun 19, 2023

Guest booking behavior has been in flux since the start of the pandemic and through the recovery, and hoteliers are trying to keep up. During a meeting of the Lodging Industry Investment Council, hotel industry experts shared how leisure and group travelers' newer booking window preferences and rate sensitivity are affecting hotel performance.

Key takeaways

  • Transient booking pace and the booking windows have shortened to the point where much of the business is in the week for the week;
  • If there’s no group base, it’s difficult to figure out how to staff and revenue-manage a hotel properly;
  • Small group meetings have been great demand drivers in the past couple of years, but those also have shorter lead times than are expected for a large convention booking.

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