Stippl receives €575K to curate GenAI-driven travel experiences

Like Stippl, several AI travel tech startups such as Finland-based Reveel and Germany’s Layla are among the recent wave of firms to get funding in this category

Apr 3, 2024

The Dutch travel app lets travelers plan their itineraries, find accommodation on platforms like, discover and/or add transportation, and uncover tours and activities using

Key takeaways

  • Harnessing the capabilities of generative AI, Stippl endeavors to transform travel planning into an enjoyable experience akin to the journey itself;
  • Travelers can immortalize their adventures by instantly crafting travel videos from their photos, connect with friends or admired content creators, and tailor their itineraries to their preferences. Additionally, Stippl plans to broaden its revenue streams through new subscription offerings and personalized photo books;
  • With these functionalities, the user base has surged to a quarter of a million across 160 countries. The objective is to reach one million users by the close of 2024.

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